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About Us

About SSHP

The 3K Engine team believe in creating "Plug 'n' Play" code objects that take very little knowledge of how the object works in order to use it. We also believe in "Get More, Do Less", in the form of re-usable code.

We develop script snippets to fulfill a specific function, then we re-write the function to be capable of being "dropped" into other applications, thus becoming non job specific code. It's much easier to call a function than to write one. It was once said to me about OOP:

"You don't need to know how a clock works in order to tell the time."

This is a fantastic analogy to class functions, you don't need to understand every line in a function to use it.

We like to encourage novice programmers to if not know why every line in a function is there, but to learn what the line of code does. It was how I learned most of the languages I know, that and experimenting with changing lines, variable values and line order. Remember programming is a form of creation, and creation should be fun.

Blank Template Engine

The Blank Template Engine is the backbone of the SSHP consumer website series.

The engine has the ability to interface with numerous E.W.C. Plugins and Applications, making the engine one of the more versatile and customizable packages available. The easy to use content management makes updates and even new pages simple.